Adoption Policies and Guidelines


It is the intent of the MVHS to directly adopt the animals in our care for the sole purpose of being companion animals (this includes being service animals for the disabled). Our animals will not be released for research, breeding, consumption, or any other use other than as stated above.

All animals must be adopted in person by their new owners. WE WILL NOT SHIP ANIMALS.

We will not “hold” animals except for in-person requests accompanied by down-payment. No phone or email “hold” requests will be honored.


Adult Dogs: $30.00 & up

Puppies: $85.00 & up

Adult Cats: $20.00 & Up

Kittens: $49.00 & up


In an effort to curb the continual over-population of pets, the society requires that all dogs, cats, and rabbits adopted from the society be surgically sterilized by a certain age and date.

Adult Animals

Within two (2) months from adoption

Young Animals

  • Cats: Spay 6 months of age; Neuter 6 months of age
  • Dogs: Spay 6 months of age; Neuter 6 months of age

A certificate will be issued at the time of adoption to be presented to your veterinarian / clinic when you bring your animal in to be sterilized. This certificate is to be signed by the veterinarian who has done the surgery and returned to the society by you for your rebate.

The society will then forward a $50 rebate check within sixty days (60) to the name and address listed on the certificate (adopter(s)). If you wish to donate your rebate to the MVHS (donations are tax-deductible), simply check the box on your adoption agreement or mail your certificate with the appropriate box checked off and we will mail a receipt for your tax records.

The sterilization rebate certificate will not be honored beyond sixty days after the sterilization due date unless approval is given by the society before expiration.


These participating veterinarians have indicated a willingness to provide a free medical exam to your newly adopted animal if taken within the first seven days of ownership. We do not recommend one veterinarian over another but suggest that you take your pet to a veterinarian of your choice. These veterinarians agree to provide a free physical exam to adopted animals with no reimbursement to the veterinarian from either the Minnesota Valley Humane Society or the adopter of the pet.

The pet you have adopted has been examined by a veterinary technician. Volunteer veterinarians donate their time, providing weekly visits to check on any animals which require additional veterinary attention. We have done our best to make sure your new pet is healthy. However, recognizing that we are not a veterinary clinic and have limited resources, there are some tests and procedures which we strongly recommend that you have done by the veterinarian of your choice.

If you have adopted a cat, it has been given a vaccination for distemper and certain upper respiratory diseases. In addition we recommend that your cat have the following:

  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Feline Aids Test
  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis Vaccination
  • Feline Leukemia Test and Vaccination

If you have a Feline Leukemia test done by your veterinarian and your cat/kitten tests positive, we will issue a replacement certificate and a free Feline Leukemia test when you choose another cat/kitten to replace the one you are returning). If you have adopted a dog, it has been given a vaccination for Distemper, Hepatitis, Liptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Coronavirus and Bordetella. In addition, we recommend that your dog have the following:

  • Heart-worm Test and Preventative
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Lyme Disease Vaccination

Please contact your local veterinarian for advice on each of these diseases.

We stress the need for the post-adoption exam and feel it is important to get the new owner and pet started in an on-going health program.

As a new owner, in adopting any animal from the MVHS, you are agreeing to take on the responsibility of ALL MEDICAL BILLS that may arise out of the adoption of that animal. AS SOON AS YOU LEAVE THE MVHS FACILITY, THE ANIMAL IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If the adopted animal becomes ill once you bring it home, you have the choice of bringing it back to the Humane Society within 14 days, if you have previously taken it to a veterinarian for the free exam. Otherwise, you have seven days if the free exam has not taken place to return the animal to the MVHS for health reasons only.

If your animal becomes ill within the time periods as stated above, you have three options:

  1. Return the animal and receive a replacement certificate.
  2. Have your vet treat the animal AT YOUR EXPENSE.
  3. Have your vet notify us (MVHS exam staff) as to the condition of the animal and the required treatment (medication). If we have the medication available (and the vet agrees), we will dispense the first application free. At no time will we treat other animals not adopted from MVHS that may have been exposed to any illness.

We suggest that you find a veterinarian and have your pet visit him/her regularly and provide the necessary vaccinations. Proper feeding, good care and regular check-ups by a veterinarian will provide you with a healthy, happy pet as well as peace of mind for yourself.


The person(-s) adopting an animal shall be the one(-s) accepting the lifetime responsibility and commitment of this animal. No animal should be adopted as a gift to be given. Gift certificates are encouraged and will be honored at any time.

All animals must be adopted in person by their new owners. WE WILL NOT SHIP ANIMALS.


The person adopting an animal shall meet and adopt the animal in person at the Minnesota Valley Humane Society. Email or phone “orders” for animals will NOT be accepted.

All animals must be adopted in person by their new owners. WE WILL NOT SHIP ANIMALS.


Any agent of the Minnesota Valley Humane Society may refuse to adopt an animal (or return a Reclaim animal) to a person if the agent has good cause or feels it is not in the best interest of the animal to be adopted (or returned) to this individual/family. The intent of the humane society is to provide good “matches” between pets and people. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ADOPTION SERVICE TO ANYONE.


The MVHS will have a file available listing persons not allowed to adopt an animal. All prospective adopters must show a valid driver’s license which the MVHS agent must check against names listed in the “Non-Adopt File” (NAF). If the prospective adopter’s name appears in the NAF, the adoption shall be politely refused. The NAF is not available to the public. Reasons for listing a name in the NAF are:

  • The return or surrender of an animal for normal corrective behavior (chewing, shedding, nipping, scratching, too active, etc.) or due to a problem pointed out at the time of the adoption.
  • The adopted animal was not given sufficient time to adjust to other animals within the home.
  • The MVHS has determined an adoption risk exists based on a report of cruelty.

All entries into the NAF must be approved by the Operations Coordinator or the Supervisor on duty or the Executive Director. If any problem arises from an adoption refusal, the Operations Coordinator or the Supervisor on duty or the Executive Director must be notified.